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We can CUSTOMIZE this property investment calculation application for you!

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Mobile Ordering and Payment Application

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Some of our Marketers, Designers, Developers

Darya Kadirova

People, who design IDEAS for you. People, who IMPLEMENT the ideas into real apps. People, who do their best to make YOUR LIFE better!

App Developer
Errol Lem

Errol Lem: More then 30 years in the music business, studio owner and now for more then 4 years in the App business. Jura Gomes: More then 30 years in the music business, graduated from the College of MultiMedia.

App Developer
Olga Orda

Founded in 2007, Infinium is an award-winning software, web and mobile app design and development company in Vancouver, BC. Our clients include Budweiser, the City of Seattle, GE, Intuit, McDonald’s and the National Geographic.

App Developer
Sam Ardern

We are a small boutique production angecy that makes online and app video for clients. We are based in New Zealand, love detailed simple video with slick graphics and have a great attitude!

App Developer
Stephanie Lee

Hi, I'm Stephanie Lee, one of the founders of Star Jump Apps. When I'm not creating new apps for our great clients, my spare time is spent dreaming about creating great apps for possible new clients. My background is in marketing and IT.

App Developer
Bev Merriman

Wixel builds web and mobile apps for the corporate/enterprise markets. The team prides itself on developing innovative applications that balance beauty, strategy and utility. The studio has developed a reputation for building large projects quickly.

App Developer